“I have scleroderma, CREST syndrome and have been on LDN for almost 15 months. I also have Sjögren’s, and fibromyalgia. I have to say that within a week of starting LDN, I felt like I had my life back.”

“I have had Crohn’s for 30 years (progressed after surgery) and have been unsuccessful with many treatments until now. I refused to go on Remicade or Humira because I feared the extreme side effects. LDN provided me with reduction of symptoms on the first day!”

“LDN has really revolutionized my life. No attacks of iritis and uveitis (part of my ankylosing spondylitis syndrome) since I started taking it at least 4-5 years ago.”

“The foot-long fistula (think of it as a really deep ulcer) that was connecting my small intestine to my colon is gone! My last colonoscopy was in February and in the three months of being on LDN, it healed.”

“I’ve been on LDN for 2 months for primary progressive MS. For the past year and a half, I have been nearly blind. I would put on a pair of 2.75 reading glasses, then put a second pair of 3.25 on top of that. LDN has restored my vision and I couldn’t be more excited, as I’m driving again.”

“Just 3 months of LDN & chemo and the stage IV bladder cancer is GONE....no scar tissue, nothing. Just gone! The doctors can’t explain it, they are baffled. The radiologist actually thought he had the wrong patient’s scan and asked the oncologist what on earth my Dad was taking. We told everyone....LDN!!! There is no other explanation to this medical miracle!!!”

“I was diagnosed with SPMS and transverse myelitis and the first 8 months used Betaseron and in those first 8 months I went from using a walker, wheelchair to a Hoveround power chair. Then I started taking LDN and now I don’t have to use anything to help me walk or get around.”

“I started on LDN as a patient in the MS clinical trial at UCSF. I continued on it and just had my MRI check up and have found that my lesions are disappearing. I have less lesions in my brain and the ones that do remain are smaller. This is just AMAZING and WONDERFUL news!”

“My dad has been using LDN for PD since October 2004 with great success. I have started a Yahoo Group called ‘Healing Parkinsons’.”